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My passion is empowering people to realise their ‘venture’ potential. To crystalise, dare and do!
I started my first business when I was 22, selling plants and flowers, grew quickly and by year two I was employing 15 part-timers, running stalls, distributing to local businesses, and importing flowers from Western Australia.
At 26 I started my second venture. Desktop Video – Visual Presentation Systems and Services. From providing basic graphics design services, to digital animation, software development and copy writing, the business expanded rapidly, achieving sales of $4 million in its 4th year.
Once business is in your blood, it stays in your blood. From my early experiences I developed a life-long passion for helping businesses to increase and achieve their potential. To me the greatest asset of the business is its people, and in particular, its owner. The person (people) who dared to believe and then had the courage to act – and be rewarded for it.
Since my inspired start I have been involved in many facets of working with business owners and organisations. This has included being an instigator of many change and growth projects, in corporate, small to medium business and with start-ups.
I have professional skills and training in entrepreneurship, project management, business and systems analysis, digital solutions, marketing, operations and production management, financial management and capital raising, and people management. I have particular strengths with crystallising, understanding and levering from problems – I believe and practice that every obstacle opens the door to powerful opportunity.
Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege and excitement of providing support as a business advisor to dozens of established small to medium business owners, and have provided specialist training and mentoring support to over 300 start-ups.